Nonverbal Communication: The Hidden Message

In The Hidden Message, Bill examines the impact of nonverbal communication in everyday life. He uses compelling examples to illustrate how body language influences communication in the workplace, in our social lives, and even in the home.

Body Language Expresses

A Hidden Message

It can reinforce what you say to another person, weaken that message, or completely contradict it! Nonverbal cues are more emotionally revealing and more emotionally accurate than what you say.

In this presentation, you’ll learn strategies to communicate with greater impact by putting what you say, how you say it, and how you behave while saying it in synch. You’ll also learn assessment techniques so you can more accurately determine the messages others are sharing with you.

Bill examines ten channels of nonverbal communication: time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, facial expression, eye contact, voice, touch, and even smell.

Learn how speakers project power from the podium by their strategic use of voice and body language. We examine sales presentations to see how positioning, posture, gesture, facial expression, eye contact, and vocal qualities come together to produce a winning performance.


"I’ve learned to look beyond what people are saying so I can understand what they are trying to say."

Sales Manager | UBS

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