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Body Language Training

Each has qualities that distinguish it from the rest. And each organization, whether planned or not, projects an aura in its’ interactions with the public that results in what could best be described as emotional branding.

It might be the result of a novel approach to their customer base. It could be a response from something as simple as a team trying to ramp up sales with a personal touch. Or it might be the result of a corporate image that has taken a hit in the public domain.

Either way, every organization is unique. And each one has a unique set of characteristics that separate it from the rest.

Bill Acheson has designed customized training programs to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of clients ranging from funeral home directors to family physicians and food service directors to financial advisors. He can customize a program for you!

Bill has created programs for improving the face-to-face interactions of sales professionals with an often highly specialized client base. He has created programs for sales professionals promoting such products and services such as private jets, real estate investments, and even airtime with the National Football League.

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“You were the star performer at our conference. One speaker always rises above the rest at a conference and you, sir, were that person.”
Lisa P

Morgan Stanley

“You have taught us how to build trust with clients and given us the skills to approach prospects with confidence and effectiveness.”
Jay Y

Janey Montgomery Scott

“During your presentation I was replaying the meetings I’ve had with clients and thinking about all the things I missed because I was focused on what they were saying instead of what they were trying to say.”
Michael B

Merrill Lynch

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