Buying Signs: A New Look At Selling

In Buying Signs you’ll learn a far more effective strategy for projecting trust and connecting with your future client.

Buying Signs


In sales training, you were probably told to mirror the behavior of a prospect you are meeting for the first time to establish rapport.

Is there another way?

The key to the program is establishing trust: the degree of confidence a person has that you will act on their behalf in a manner consistent with their needs and their values.

Buying Signs is filled with nuggets of information about body language to help sales professionals project themselves more effectively and identify subtle messages sent by prospects and clients through nonverbal communication.

You’ll learn why you should approach men and women differently, how to assess attitude and intent in a handshake, and how to determine if your attempt to connect with your prospect is being met with resistance or acceptance.

From there you’ll learn how to identify unspoken objections that need to be addressed and the actual ‘Buying Signs’ that tell you it’s time to go for the close.

Remember, they have to buy you, as a person, before they will agree to buy anything from you.

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