Body Language Training for Video Conferencing & Virtual Events

When your body language is projected in a videoconference, it is received in different ways.  In this program we analyze how to improve effectiveness over video platforms.

Assess the impact videoconferencing is having on your career by assessing the impact you’re having in your videoconferencing.

Bill Acheson, a nonverbal communication expert has studied videoconferencing and developed a program to improve your effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • Learn the 5 step process for creating a dynamic first impression on video.
  • How to use your body language to project maximum personal power.
  • How to leverage your background to keep the focus on You.
  • Tips for keeping participants engaged in a distraction-prone medium.
  • Tools for crafting a compelling presentation. Learn how to reframe your presentation for virtual formats.
  • Using dimension to bring your meeting to life.   

Remember, they have to buy you, as a person, before they will agree to buy anything from you.

Individuals looking to increase their effectiveness in videoconferencing can book the next available webinar.

For companies looking to create a custom presentation that focuses on their specific needs, contact Bill here.

  • Training sales professionals
  • In-house conferences
  • Any organization that depends on effective video conferencing to keep the wheels rolling
  • Managers looking to improve their communication with subordinates

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