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Videoconferencing Do’s and Don’ts

An expert in nonverbal communication looks at how to go from making contact to making impact in a videoconference. Entertaining. Informative.

Date: Feb 4th 2021
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Duration: 15 Minutes

Date: Feb 4th, 2021









When meeting face-to-face, body language accounts for over two-thirds of the impact of your message. In videoconferencing it’s even more significant because you’ve invited me into your home. From now on, it’s personal. Whether you meet with prospects or clients, friends or family, learn strategies for projecting yourself more effectively.

Part 1: Background

Tips for creating a background that puts the focus on YOU! Which colors enhance your appearance? Learn how using a virtual background can undermine your message. Find out how to get 80% of the brightness from a light source, but none of the glare!

Part 2: Appearance

The rules have changed. Business casual rules are in play, but what are they exactly? We take a look at both appearance factors and your online body language so you can put your best foot forward.

Part 3: Staging

A look at simple solutions to problems you might encounter ranging from copter-head to the unnamed distraction that affects 71% of males and over half of the women.

Part 4: Videoconferencing Basics

Whether you run the meeting or are just one of the peanuts in the gallery, here is a set of Do’s and Don’ts that not only tell me you’ve been there before, but you know how to handle yourself.

Bill Acheson

Bill Acheson

Nonverbal communication expert

Bill taught at the University of Pittsburgh for over 20 years. As an expert in nonverbal communication, he has spoken to thousands of professionals about how to improve their skills.

Bill has worked with employees from such organizations as 3M, AIG, Bank of America, Bayer, GSK, Jackson, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Trane, Wells Fargo, the US Coast Guard, and the National Football League.


This webinar identifies differences between meeting face-to-face and videoconferencing. The focus is on enhancing every aspect of your virtual presentation.